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The mission of Graphic Milestones is to build a community where each individual is given an outlet to true creative expression. At the core of our program is our arts and crafts activities; however our program also includes life skills, recreational and physical activities and educational learning.  We believe that designing our program this way will allow our members the opportunity to not only express themselves, but also learn valuable and practical skills that will help them create a path towards a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life.



The vision of Graphic Milestones is to enhance the lives of adults living with special needs by providing our members with a community that not only creates a greater sense of purpose, but also provides them with a sense of belonging which emphasizes the importance of each individual. Through our program we strive to help our members reach their full potential, and gain the skills required for independent living.

At Graphic Milestones, we value the well-being of each and every one of our members and their families.  We recognize the difficulties these individuals living with exceptionalities and their families face on a daily basis and the on-going challenges they must overcome in order to lead healthy and productive lives.  At the same time, we also know how strong and resilient these individuals and their families are, which is why we developed our program to not only provide opportunity for growth and progression, but to also enrich the quality of life for everyone involved.