standard-title PROGRAMS


  • Healthy Living

    We believe that healthy living not only refers to an individual’s physical health but also their emotional well-being.  At Graphic Milestones we strive to help our members create their best physical and emotional selves through participation in our physical fitness and emotional well-being programs.  The physical fitness program includes activities such as; hiking, dancing, and […]

  • Life Skills

    Here at Graphic Milestones we believe in experiential learning. This belief is what drives us to incorporate our life skills lessons into the various aspects of our programming, such as teaching household chores through our t-shirt creation program. This program not only provides our members with a creative outlet but also teaches them how to sort, […]

  • Creative Expression

    Creative expression comes in many forms and we at Graphic Milestones are determined to explore as many creative outlets as possible.  Creative expression is what drives us, and through this branch of our program our members are encouraged to set tangible goals in order to reach significant milestones.  Our creative expression program encompasses various arts […]

  • Educational

    Learning is a lifelong process and we encourage our members to build on their existing knowledge in an array of subjects.Our program includes dedicated time for planned lessons that are designed to promote independence and self-sufficiency. For example, our math lessons are geared towards teaching our members how to manage their personal finances. We also hold […]