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Ricky R

Ricky Persaud – Program Director

Throughout my professional journey, I have been given the amazing opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented and accomplished professionals in the field of social work. Under the strict guidance of their mentorship, I was taught crucial and invaluable skills that have now allowed me to go on to be an effective leader and advocate in my pursuit of making a difference for individuals living with disabilities and their families.

Having been given the privilege to work with many different groups within multiple settings which include, hospitals, schools, residential treatment and community, no other group has impacted my life more than individuals living with disabilities and their families. Through my experience working with this population, I have had the honour to be a part of some of the most fulfilling and rewarding success stories.  I learned that if given the right opportunity, and with the encouragement of a supportive community, these individuals will not only reach, but often surpass their highest potential. I also witnessed the peace of mind found by families in knowing that their loved ones were cared for and leading active and productive lives.

However, I noticed that once these individuals transitioned out of the education system they were faced with a significant decline in available programming, funding, and community resources. This resulted in many of them losing the critical skills and structure that contributed to their success and independence over the years. Families were left scrambling to find resources that simply didn’t exist, or that they couldn’t access due to waitlists, funding, or program criteria. Their biggest fear: a setback that would impact the quality of life and abilities of their loved one.

Graphic Milestones was created through my passion for working alongside these families to create opportunity and build identity. This program not only addresses a significant gap in the system, but also works to build community by demonstrating that we are all capable of making a difference.